YES! I Want Holistic Health! Start Healing My Pain or Illness Now!

Alchemy Psychology Constellation Healing Goals
  • Find the root cause of your pain or illness
  • Treat and eliminate your physical and emotional pain or illness for you and for future generations
  • Open the door to heal other areas of your life

Does this sound like you?

Deep Down, I know There Is A Healthier Way To Heal

I’ve tried conventional medicine and it just masks the problem and has as many side effects as it does relief. Deep down, I know there is a better answer. Deep down I know this illness can go right back to the nothingness from where it came. I can see that the medical system breaks me down into parts and I want whole healing.  I want to be healed spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

I Want To Experience Miracles

I yearn for and pray for health. I know that The Divine has the power to heal me. I’ve heard stories of Saints healing others, I’ve heard stories of Enlightened Masters being buried alive for days with no food, water, air and they come out unharmed. I’ve heard stories of Qi Gong masters starting fire with their qi and their bare hands. I know that more is possible than what I’ve been taught. I want to start living in the reality of miracles.

I Want Freedom To Be Healthy

To embrace health again would allow me to play with my friends and family. I will be able to embrace joy, happiness, gratitude. I want the freedom to be healthy
“The physical body provides our most direct expression of the needs of the soul, and when the needs the soul are ignored, the body begins to cry out. Symptoms appear, seeming out of nowhere”
“For me, illness and symptoms are signs of a dis-order in life, something that not been put in order that is being expressed in the physical state. It is largely irrelevant whether a particular organic cause can be determined or not”

What You Get When You Register:

Minimum of 6 Hours Of Supportive Healing With Others 

90 Minutes Of Intensive Healing Focused On You

Learn and Practice Getting In Touch With Your Intuition and Inner Guidance

Gain Spiritual Wisdom and Insights 

Heal At A Deep Spiritual And Emotional Level

Clear The Path And Make It Easier For Your Descendents 

We will usually work with a group of 4-8 people. Each person will have 1 healing focused on them until the root cause of the topic is resolved, typically a 1-2 hour session. We will then work together in the Family/Systemic Constellation to find and heal root causes for the other group members. This is deep and sacred work. No experience is necessary for the participants. I will facilitate the work to be done at the level that we need, you may get an opportunity to practice your intuition, which will help you understand the power of this field in showing secrets. When we witness the healing for each other, it enhances the Divine Space and we also heal our matching pictures/matching patterns and karma, so we get more healing than just your personal constellation.


“Thank You Dr Lauren! I’ve participated in several Family Constellation sessions, as well as many other healing sessions you’ve hosted. Some of the gains I’ve made include: removing a curse from my lineage that’s resulted in the men of the family to have shaky hands, we’ve removed a parasite from my stomach and unlocked many of my divine gifts as a healer! The work you do is unparalleled and nothing short of miracles! I highly recommend you!”

C. H. 43 year old male
“I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the work we’ve done together. I feel like I’m in such a better place, more integrated and stronger having healed those traumas from the past. Thank you for helping me take my power back 💛.”

G.T. Female

Meet Your Mind/Body Alchemist:

Dr. Lauren E. Pichard, Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Medical Intuitive: In April 2021,  after several years of meditating with Paramhansa Yogananda, he gave me a blessing with the ability to heal everyone I treat. It is with my faith in The Divine to work through me that I carry this blessing forward in my work. Realistically- Some of you may have multiple health problems that may need more than one session, and this is why I also have the Sacred Soul Health Community, for ongoing spiritual healing. I also can not guarantee that a new illness may not be triggered in the future. As we all have many layers. In addition to having my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I have trained in many modalities and mystery schools that have strengthened my intuition and made it clearer for me to see, hear and know intuitively. I have helped many people overcome many emotional and physical health problems.  It is with these skills, experiences and trainings that I decided to bring my gifts to Alchemy Psychology. To help the people that want full holistic healing by addressing the spiritual and emotional needs.

I help resolve incomplete karma. Karma we inherited from our ancestors, that we experienced in our childhoods and that we brought into this life from past lives. When we heal at the spiritual, mental and emotional levels, the energy blocks in our body are cleared and divine energy can flow through us again and our body can heal.


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